Weekly Meeting: 9 September 2019

All three Grand State Officers were in attendance.

The Party Secretary discussed the CCE meeting that happened on 26 August 2019 and he will write the agenda for the next CCE meeting, scheduled for 16 September 2019. He also mentioned giving the Feaster an economic command.

The Facilitator mentioned several diplomatic updates, including about possible Wyvernian-Sandum diplomatic discussions.

The Sôgmô discussed heir selection process and the need for a report on the shortlist of candidates. Það will purchase Citizens’ hats, will publish an index of Sandum laws in Latin, and major holidays.

The CPS Party Congress « Approaching the Cooperative Economy » will happen on Saturday 9 November 2019. 

All three talked about the Sôgmô’s and the Sanôba’s future wedding.

The next meeting is scheduled, therefore, for 23 G September 2019.