Weekly Meeting: 20 August 2019

All three Grand State Officers were in attendance.

The Party Secretary announced that he had received only one donation in his role as treasurer of the Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl, and that he had completed an agenda for the CCE’s planned meeting.

The Facilitator discussed updates to diplomatic affairs. All three officers discussed relations with Wyvern.

The Sôgmô shared news about a Citizen’s hat and a People’s job application for the planned Sandum citizen’s welcome packet. Það continued to discuss the Day of Mourning for Hawai’ian annexation, a statement released for the holiday and for protests on Mauna Kea, and a song for the holiday.

It was decided to make meetings of the three Grand State Officers biweekly in the fall to accommodate school and work schedules, while the off weeks can be dedicated to CCE meetings.

The next meeting is scheduled, therefore, for 2 B September 2019.