Sôgmô, Sanôba are engaged

The Sanôba Oliver Armstrong has proposed to the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola on 26 July 2019 at Land’s End beach on Bailey Island, Maine, in the United States. The royal news was announced today after both shared the news with their families.

The State of Sandus’s official announcement of the couple’s engagement.

Both have been dating since 11 April 2018, almost a month after Armstrong visited the Sôgmô in Ann Arbour, Quercus Candida, for the first time. But both first met almost nine years ago in the Winter and Spring of 2011 through micronationalism, back when Joseph Puglisi was a citizen of the State of Sandus. Both have been longtime friends since that time and kept in touch over the years, and were even romantically interested in one another for much of that time.

But the distance of 1,500km kept them apart, and the Sôgmô refused to get involved in a serious relationship online. When the Sanôba visited Sandus in March 2018, however, the romance blossomed and both were in a relationship in less than a month.

The Sanôba and the Sôgmô at Land’s End on Bailey Island, Maine, USA, moments after the Sanôba proposed.

The Sanôba has lived now in Sandus on several occasions while he also finishes his photography and American sign language (ASL) degree at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire: Summer 2018, Winter 2019, and again for the past several months in Summer 2019. After he graduates in May 2020, he will come and live in Sandus permanently with his twin cats.

Armstrong has been a citizen of Sandus since April 2018, when both started dating. MicroCon 2019 marked his first major intermicronational event, though he was first involved in micronationalism in 2011.

There are no details yet on a wedding, but it is expected that a small, private wedding will happen in 2022 or 2023.