Weekly Meeting: 15 July 2019

All three Grand State Officers were in attendance.

The Party Secretary began with preparations for MicroCon 2019. He specified that he and the Sôgmô should extend outreach to fraternal peoples throughout the micronational world at the convention. This includes solidarity-building, cooperation, and mutual political causes. Then, he and the Sôgmô focused on discussing the proposal for a community associated with the Social System that will encourage solidarity and cooperation on key policy interests. Both then planned an agenda of meetings and common decision-making events.

The Facilitator followed by mentioning preliminary stages of proposal for key “Sandum Economic Principles,” including a basic monetary and economic policy for Sandus. Key issues revolved around how to value the persuma, the status of CivBanca as Sandus’s state bank, and CivBanca‘s role in the Commission for the Command Economy. She also mentioned ideas for revenue, including bonds, voluntary taxes, and the sale of state surplus.

Finally, the Sôgmô briefly mentioned two proposals: one for solidarity citizenship, a new citizenship status sine suffragio, and another for a basic litigation system in Sandus, divided into arbitration and formulary or actio legis systems.

The next meeting will take place on 29 E July 2019.