Weekly Meeting: 9 July 2019

All three Grand State Officers were in attendance.

The Party Secretary began. He mentioned the need to restart the Commission for the Command Economy, and it was decided both to schedule a meeting in the coming month and also to issue a directive regarding the Commission’s membership. The need for a catalogue or registry of workers’ skills was also added to the docket, and a system for citizens to request items. Finally, the State of Sandus needs a monetary and fiscal policy, which will be discussed by the CCE in the future.

Next, the Facilitator mentioned the need to update certain pages on the Sandus.org portal, since some pages are outdated. The Sôgmô will also recreate a citizenship application form.

Finally, the Sôgmô discussed ongoing negotiation between Sandus, Überstadt, and Saint-Castin regarding the Social System and a potential new associated community. The idea for an associate membership in the Social System and an associated non-citizenship-sharing community was floated. Ideas for the community include a rotating presidency, committees on key points of interest and cooperation, and scheduled meetings. The need for a Social System secretary and commission was also mentioned, and also a potential memorandum of understanding on the ability of Sandus to enter into bilateral social agreements outside the Social System. Finally, það mentioned both proposals for solidarity citizenship, a proposed new citizenship status in Sandus, and the need for a Sandum litigation system.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 15 G July 2019.