New Art & Design journal, movement announced by SMC

The State Media Cooperative has announced the formation of a new art and design magazine, prole•nounce, and an associated art movement in Sandus, called sandhaus realism after the legendary German art movement Bauhaus.

The magazine’s first header

The magazine began its formation in late April after talks between the three officers of the State of Sandus, and the artistic movement quickly followed. The magazine’s name is a portmanteau of proletarian and pronounce, based off of the Latin word pronuntiare which means to both proclaim, recite, and to share knowledge.

In the artistic movement’s manifesto, a few points stand out:

  1. Sandhaus Realism inherits Bauhaus’s effort to maximise utility and to combine art and everyday life.
  2. It rejects the extreme cost of today’s Bauhaus and instead encourages everyday people to redesign serially manufactured things in their daily lives.
  3. It rejects Bauhaus’s mission to rupture the present from the past; instead, Sandhaus Realism recognises that this effort is futile. Recognising that one’s past never abandons us, the movement instead tries to integrate traditional forms of expression into a spirit for a new time.

The magazine will be released in timely issues, and it already has a few articles. Its first issue contains articles based on the conference of the 10th anniversary of the State of Sandus, including the Sôgmô’s, the Party Secretary’s, and a private citizen’s three papers presented at the celebration’s conference. A final article is on the recent LGBTQ+ Pride Week’s poster which was inspired by the artistic movement’s principles.

Anyone who is a worker in the State Media Cooperative may take part in the new magazine. Everything is run by worker’s democracy and consensus. There is no hierarchy in the new media project.