Fraternal Annonary Order set back, will go ahead

The establishment of the Fraternal Annonary Order of the Wooden Bowl has been set back since the Sôgmô announced its future formation on the Winter Solstice. Now, almost an entire season since the order’s first announcement and after a season of waiting for the charter of the order, with French based off of the 1350 Reglement de la Compagnie du Cigne Noir, to be approved by referees to certify the French, the Sôgmô will prepare to go ahead with the final edits to the founding document of the order.

Bolenbois - blason
The blason of the order, depicting the wooden bowl superimposed on the dharmachakra.

Other preparations have been made, however. The number two position in the order has already been filled by HM King Adam of Überstadt. According to the draft of the founding document, the order will meet on the Tibetan Buddhist holiday Chökhor Düchen to finalise the charity that will be the object of the order’s donations. If all 14 ranks with their potential 14 squires are filled, the order can donate $141 USD per year to charity.

The Sôgmô intends to finalise the founding document of the order in time for the Spring Equinox on 20 March.