Sôgmô to Host Banquet for 9 Years of Sandus

The Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola will host a banquet this weekend on 26 May 2018 to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the creation of Sandus. The holiday will be celebrated by the Sôgmô and a handful of close friends from þess university. Due to the size of the Sôgmô’s official residence, the dinner will only include seven guests. The five-course dinner will be served by a combination of services à la française and à la russe.

The dinner has been called a suovetaurilia—one of the most important Roman religious sacrifices where a sheep, pig, and bull would be sacrificed. Though the dinner will not include the killing of any animals, it will include lamb, pork, and beef as meats. The rite is described by Cato the Elder in his De Agri Cultura, or On Agriculture.

9Years of Sandus - Suovetaurilia - Menu.jpg
The menu for the dinner released by the Office of the Sôgmô.

The five courses of the dinner also combine formal French, Italian, and British dining. The first course is an Italian pasta course where það will serve spaghetti carbonara. The second, another entrée, is when Caesar salad will be served, after which an apéritif of Old Pulteney scotch whisky will be served. The third course will be the main course of souvlaki, rice pilaf, and ratatolha (ratatouille). As a part of the fourth course, which will be a cheese course complete with local bread, a digestif of limoncello—produced in the sagamorial palace—will be served. Finally, the fifth course will be blueberry vatrushki, or Russian blueberry pastries. Wines and beers will be served throughout the dinner.

Some musical entertainment will be provided by one of the participants, who will also play the Sandum national anthem. Other music will be provided from the Sôgmô’s Day of Creation and Fête nationale music playlist.

To turn the participants’ minds toward compassion and suffering, the Sôgmô will offer a moderate amount of food and drink during each meal. The Sôgmô has also confirmed that það will wear the robes of state, a symbol of the philosophic nature of the State of Sandus and an visual sign of steadfast humility and altruism. The dinner will also include a speech by the Sandum leader and a small ceremony of offering food according to Cato’s prescriptions in the De Agri Cultura.

The ninth anniversary of the creation of Sandus is a numerically significant event in Sandus, because the number three occurs throughout Sandus and is seen as a particularly auspicious number. Since the ninth anniversary is a cube of the number three (3³), this anniversary is held to be significant and auspicious according to Sandum numerology.