von Friedeck enfeoffed as Baronet of Eliot

The Sôgmô has enfeoffed Sandus’s first baronetcy in the Sandum Table of Noble Ranks to Adam Camillus von Friedeck, who will now be known ceremonially as Baronet of Eliot. He was awarded the noble rank of baronet in accordance with constitutional precedence, as von Friedeck is the chairman of the Commission for the Command Economy (CCE). Von Friedeck’s baronetcy is the first time a baronetcy has been bestowed by the Sôgmô since the Sandum system of nobility was established on 28 April 2017.

Read the letters patent enfeoffing the baronetcy here.

Baronet - Adam von Friedeck.png
Coat of arms of Adam Camillus von Friedeck, Baronet of Eliot

Though the baronetcy is the State of Sandus’s first, it will not follow to any heirs or successors of King Adam of Überstadt, as it is not an “entitled fiefdom” in Sandus. The baronetcy is also awarded with three conditions: that Adam be a hospes to the Sôgmô and other Sandum citizens, provide aid during times of distress, and remain a citizen of the State of Sandus.

As a baronetcy, King Adam has the ability to govern Eliot as an autonomous fiefdom within the State of Sandus, in accordance with Sandum law.

Adam Camillus von Friedeck has long served as Secretary of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus, affording him the ability to also receive a barony. He has previously received the distinction of gentleman because of his status as a worker in the State of Sandus. He is also an Elder in the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus and is a Member of the Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea.