Habemus Consortem: We have a consort!

The Office of the Sôgmô has announced that the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola has a new Sanôba Consort, Oliver Armstrong. Both partners are long-time friends for nearly eight years already. They met through mutual micronational connections and he recently visited það in Quercus Candida, the capital of Sandus, last month, the palace confirmed.

Sanôba Consort Oliver.jpg

the new Sandum Sanôba Consort Oliver Armstrong

The new consort is a university student studying topics ranging from religious studies to photography and journalism. His interests include plants, art, and lobsters.

Oliver Armstrong will complete and return an application for Sandum citizenship later this evening. This marks the first time a consort does not automatically become a Sandum citizen because of new laws and conventions since the last royal partner became consort.

According to Sandum tradition, the office and status of Sanôba Consort exists as long as the Sôgmô is in a committed relationship, regardless of marriage. While it is not a constitutional office, the office has traditionally existed since the early days of Sandus and even predates the State of Sandus, but it has remained vacant for the past two years now. Some consorts have taken an active role in Sandus in the past. On Sandum Independence Day in 2015, the last Sanôba Consort attended a state visit between the Sôgmô and former Kumanoese leader Hatsu Ryuho.

Under the sagamorial decree on the Sandum nobility, the current consort is entitled to the status and noble rank of a baron. It is unclear whether or not His Lordship will be granted a barony.

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