Policy Projection: 17 – 31 January 2018

We have granted a new logo and emblem to the Sandum Church. (14/1)
We have celebrated the Carmentalia. (15/1)
We have celebrated this month’s Dharmapalas Day. (15/1)
We have celebrated this month’s Buddha Shakyamuni Day. (16/1)
We have celebrated the Concordalia. (16/1)
We have celebrated the Festival of Felicitas. (17/1)

In the upcoming week (in XVII usque ad XXXI d. Ianuariis MMXVIII),
We shall create new baronetcies in Sandus.
We shall work on the Party’s platform.
We shall work on the bill for þess succession.
We shall draw up plans for a way to teach and learn the Latin language in Sandus.
We shall hold a survey to see what Sandus’s most important State holiday should be—the Secession (20 February), the Foundation (13 April), and the Creation (26 May).
We shall prepare for Losar and for the Secession and for holding public events for them.
We shall work on updating Sandus.org.

Office Hours (calendario Gregoriano):
M: 17h00 usque ad 19h00
T: 22h00 usque ad 23h00
W: 19h00 usque ad 20h00
T: 19h00 usque ad 20h00
F: post 17h00 si quae officio horae debeantur
S&S: post 10h00 si quae officio horae debeantur

Horae officio Sôgmôni pertinebunt antequam XVII Aprili.