Sôgmô invests Two Citizens with Knighthoods

The Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola has offered to invest two Sandum Citizens with knighthoods in the Sandum nobility. Based on the recommendation of the April 2017 decree which established the Sandum Table of Noble Ranks and Sandus’s system of nobility, the two recipients are to be invested in recognition of their jobs in the Sandum government. Both are dames.

Escutcheon&Helm - Sisenna Melville

The first dame to be invested is Sisenna Melville, the Bishop of the Church of Sandus (ἡ Ἐκκλησία Σανδῆς), in recognition of her position as manager of the church in the Collegium Sacerdotum. Since the Collegium has three-tiered organisation rather than the four expected by the Sandum Table of Noble Ranks, Melville is recommended for a baronetcy. And, while she may receive a baronetcy, expectations are that it will be offered in exchange for her increased activity in the Sandum church—using, for the first time, one of the “inholden” uses of the nobility.

Escutcheon&Helm - Artemis Baca

The second is Artemis Baca, a Sandum peregrina (foreign resident) citizen. She was recommended for investment in recognition of her position as a scribe in the Office of the Sôgmô of the Central People’s Government.

Both represent the first two Sandum citizens to receive knighthoods.