the Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea established

AthenaPronoea Emblem
The emblem of the order is the distinctive three-column ruin of the tholos from the sanctuary of Athena Pronaea at Delphi.

The Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola has decreed the foundation of a new order of honour in the State of Sandus, the Honourable Order of Athena Pronoea. The order becomes the second such order of honour in Sandus, after the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus.

Read the edict establishing the order here.

The order is to dignify Sandum citizens’ “graduation of education,” meaning that the order celebrates educational achievements in the State of Sandus. Its motto similarly reflects the wisdom attained through education and through the sort of intellectual inquiry encouraged by Sandum culture. The motto is from Plato’s Apology, when Socrates says “ὅτι ἃ μὴ οἶδα οὐδὲ οἴομαι εἰδέναι” (“since I do not think that I know that which I do not know”).

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It has five ranks and one unranked medal and mirrors the accomplishment of secondary and tertiary levels of education. The lowest rank, “Associate,” is designated for Associate’s degrees and similar degrees, followed by “Member” for Bachelor’s degrees. Associates receive the postnominal letters AΑθΠ while Members receive MΑθΠ. Next, Master’s degrees receive the rank of “Knights” with letters KΑθΠ, while Doctor’s degrees receive the “Commander” rank with CΑθΠ and Ph.D. degrees receive “Commander First Class” with 1e CΑθΠ.

The letters ΑθΠ stand for the name of the order’s matron, Athena Pronoea (Ἀθηνᾶ Πρόνοια). The order also has the patron Thoth (Θώθ), also known by his Kemetic name Djehuty.

The ribbons, which delineate the different ranks of membership in the order, are composed of the order’s unofficial colours: white, gold, and pink. The white and gold are esteemed colours used in Sandus to signify the Collegium Sacerdotum and have been historically used to refer to Sandus’s matron goddess and national symbol, Athena. The cherry blossom pink refers to the perfection of wisdom and to the lotus flower, a Buddhist symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Certificates, ribbons, and mentions in dispatches may be made to commemorate particular individual educational achievements, including membership in educational honour societies and fraternities, awards, scholarships, and fellowships.

The order also has a feast day dedicated to the patron of the order, Thoth, which is on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Tibetan calendar.

Currently, all Sandum citizens but one are eligible for membership of some sort in the Order of Athena Pronoea. Five are eligible for Associate membership, while two are eligible for the rank of Member. Three are eligible to become Knights, while one is eligible to become a Commander First Class.