von Friedeck awarded first Sandum agnomen

Adam von Friedeck has been awarded the first Sandum agnomen, “Camillus,” after the system of awards for charity taxes was established on 23 June 2012. He will now be known as Adam Camillus von Friedeck.

His contributions helped to make Summer 2016 the most charitable season in the history of Sandus’s charity tax system at $1,118.46, more than double the next highest season. As a socius citizen from Überstadt, he was not required by law to declare his charity taxes — but did so in order to receive suffrage in Sandus’s upcoming national election in December. Von Friedeck’s charitable donations, which almost singlehandedly surpass Sandus’s next most charitable season of Winter 2016 at $473.81, are the first charity taxes declared by any Überstadti socius citizen.

The charity tax system was established on 10 March 2012 by the Act on Citizenship of Martio MMXII (March 2012), which stated that a system of taxation may be levied on Sandum citizens. The charity tax system developed over the next few months and the first charity taxes were declared in time for the 2012 Summer Solstice. In those days, “grains” from FreeRice.com were used as charitable donations but monetary donations and volunteer work replaced this system as Sandum citizens have grown older since 2012. The last grains were declared in March 2013. Since then, more than $3,700 has been donated to charity by Sandum citizens.

The system of agnomina was established by the Sôgmô soon after the first charity taxes were declared in June 2012. The decree which established the awards system is phrased in terms of FreeRice.com quotas, meaning that no specific guidelines exist for monetary donations or volunteer work. It was decided, however, in the extraordinary nature of von Friedeck’s donation, that he had exemplified the decree’s quota for the highest award in the tax award system, in the spirit of the decree’s provisions. New directions toward the awarding of Sandum agnomina will be given in the coming weeks to replace the out-dated language of the decree.

No other Sandum citizens have ever received the distinction of an agnomen, though the tax awards and agnomina have existed for more than four years.