Sôgmô accepts Überstadti King’s invitation for arbitration

The Sôgmô has accepted an invitation from King Adam of Überstadt to arbitrate the ongoing diplomatic dispute between the State of Sandus and the Empire of Austenasia. Both states have been historically close friends and allies, especially as a part of the unofficial “Troika” alliance which included Technocratic Renasia. That alliance broke down when Renasia ceased to exist in early 2015.

Það has instructed the Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs to attend the talks and to encourage a peaceful resolution to diplomatic issues which have been gradually growing in the past year. Addressing the Council of the State of Sandus, það announced the decision to accept the invitation and briefly recounted the recent diplomatic history  of the year to date. Þess timeline included such things as Sandus’s concerns over imperial policy earlier in the Spring, Sandus’s omission from GUM restart talks, cursory talks with Emperor Jonathan in May and June, Sandus’s rejection from the GUM in July, and other disputes which arose in July and August.

There are no further details yet as to when the talks may begin. According to the understanding of the Central People’s Government, the Empire of Austenasia has not yet accepted a similar invitation sent by the Überstadti king.