[SC] Matter Realism

Recently, there has been talk in the corridors of Sandus about a new policy, for diplomacy, economy and development. This policy, under the working title Matter Realism, has not been laid out in any kind of detail. So allow me, in this article, to elucidate for both Sandum citizens and for our intermicronational peers what is meant by Matter Realism and how it will shape Sandum policy.

To begin, Matter Realism is an attempt to address something lost in this community in recent years: production. Specifically, material production and its overlap with more abstract forms of production (such as cultural or intellectual production). However, the basis for the production discussed in Matter Realism is material production.

It seems like the times when micronations engaged in major projects of building, creating and producing have been left behind in favour of a period of micronations as shells of diplomacy with, if we are lucky, a cultural filling. The problem with this is that it is easy to maintain such a structure with minimal participation of citizens and effort. This is not reflective of a real nation.

Moreover, it leaves open the easy escape from having to work on complicated issues of state like creating a useable currency, instating rules for internal and external trade and developing a sensible economic policy. For as long as these things are not addressed, a micronation is a caricature of a real nation; a two dimensional simulacrum of what it aspires to be.

Thus Matter Realism is an attempt to create the genuine material conditions of nationhood: production. Be this production the production of necessities, of knowledge or of art, the fact is that a nation without production is still not fully addressing the realities of nationhood. We thus, through Matter Realism, seek to establish production as the true third pillar of micronationalism, alongside the well-established and well-worn pillars of culture and diplomacy.

What this will entail in the coming months is the stimulation of Sandum production; beginning with revitalising the co-operative system and the minting of a set of Persumae coins; from there towards a system of grants to incentivise citizens to create means for their own production; and a drive in diplomacy to develop joint projects in a number of areas.

This interest in joint production development will affect our diplomatic policy in the future: both the establishment of trade and the establishment of projects to improve the production capacity of our nation and her allies will play key roles in Sandum diplomacy. This will not be limited to just the common modes of production (artisanal, horticultural and industrial) but will extend to the more modern means (digital and scientific).

Ultimately, a summation of the policy of Matter Realism in the shortest terms would be this: Matter Realism is a policy which sees production and technological advancement as inseparable from cultural and social development in a micronation. This recognition drives nations who adopt Matter Realism, both individually and collectively, to advance their production in all areas with their cultural and diplomatic development.