Meet Minister Jacob Barnet

Jacob Barnet Minister.png

Jacob Barnet Pharmacologus Σαρκαστικός COTS is Sandum Minister of Diplomatic Affairs. He is a chemist and long-term micronationalist, having previously held varying levels of executive and legislative power in the long-term Sandum ally, Renasia. His pedigree as a diplomat is rivalled by few in the MicroWiki community, having founded and held various offices in the Grand Unified Micronational for the majority of its lifetime to date. He has also enjoyed numerous accolades from a variety of micronations past and present, and has attended several major micronational summits.

Bringing this long and historic career to Sandum diplomacy, he seeks to balance carefully the duties of upholding the high ideals of Sandus with the necessity of developing diplomatic ties based on a foundation of Realism and professionalism. By observing these ideals, he hopes to establish relations of strategic worth which are mutually beneficial. In doing so, he seeks to bring Sandus out from her isolationism and back into the community so that both may benefit from the cultural, social, and political development that has occurred in the intervening time and that has become a hallmark of Sandum life.

An unashamed technophile, he also seeks to bring to Sandus some of the same technological diplomacy which had once graced Renasia so kindly, with a focus on the development of goods, services and other systems for international trade which can be bent to meet the needs of the Sandum people, the Sandum State, and the community-at-large.