State Press announces new series

KremlumSandus Press
The logo of the State Press.

Kremlum Sandus State Press has announced a new series, entitled Sovereign Eagle & Glaux (SEG), to be authored and published via Amazons’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. The new series will present elements of Sandum society and Sandum culture to the general public and will be published for Kindle devices and Kindle-compatible applications. Efforts will be made to reduce the cost of the ebooks so that they will be as accessible as possible.

The State Press has multiple book ideas proposed for the SEG series, including:

Breviarium Rerum Sanderum
The Breviary of Sandum Matters is a long proposed book which will finally be published. Originally proposed in spring 2015, the breviary will now be the first book to be published to Kindle devices, with sections on Sandum history, the Sandum constitution, Sandum philosophy, and Sandum culture.

Founding Law & Citizens: textbook for peregrini citizens on their new homeland
Founding Law & Citizens is a previously published textbook formerly used by the State College to prepare new peregrini citizens for life in Sandus. The textbook will be republished for Kindle devices and applications.

the Great Philia Almanac: festivities of the State of Sandus
The Great Philia Almanac will contain all 100+ Sandum holidays and an explanation of their background. Proposed as a project of the Collegium Sacerdotum, the almanac will form the basis of a new public media initiative.

On the Shores of the Patuxent: a cookbook of Sandum proletarian cuisine
Why is spaghetti carbonara such a staple in Sandus? How many Sandum rice recipes are there? How does the Sôgmô prepare his coffee? All of these questions will be considered in the new cookbook, On the Shores of the Patuxent.

Le Baron et la Révolution: l’histoire sande étroite éclectique avec la langue française
How did a young Anglophone North American micronation adopt the French language as its official language? What is Sandus’s relationship with Francophone micronations? In this ebook, published in French, that “eclectic short history” will be considered.

Credo in Deis Nostris: Sandus θεογονία in lingua Latina
This creed of the cultores religionis Romanae in the Sandum Collegium Sacerdotum, published in Latin, is intended as a prose counterpart to Hesiod’s Theogony. It will reflect the mystical and spiritual background of Sandum cultores and

The series is named for the national symbol of Sandus, the Sovereign Eagle, and the owl of the goddess and Sandum matron, Athena, named Glaux (γλαύξ, or ‘little owl’).