Sandus, Pavlov sign new treaty of non-aggression

More than a year after the State of Sandus suspended relations with the Empire of Pavlov, both nations have concluded a new treaty of non-aggression following months of the Empire’s development as a serious and professional micronation. Both signatories have included elements to prevent further diplomatic troubles, including provisions for what to do following diplomatic provocations.

Treaty of Non-Aggression between Sandus and Pavlov

Both parties, being in agreement on the necessity for the end of a long and arduous period of aggression and tension, agree to the following:

Article I. The State of Sandus and the Empire of Pavlov will strive for friendly and diplomatic relations with one another, united in their desires for peace and the well-being of their peoples.

Article II. The signatories will ensure the commitment of their governmental officials, diplomats, and citizens to bring about a new era of positive relations between the State of Sandus and the Empire of Pavlov.

Article III. In the event of an action or statement of a government official of either state results in a dispute between the two signatories, an immediate and diplomatic dialogue is to be held to avoid the perpetuation of any misunderstandings and grievances.

Article IV. In the event of a citizen making an action or statement deemed a provocation, only their respective state will agree to reprimand and urge caution to them.

Article V. In order to usher in a new beginning of diplomatic relations between Sandus and Pavlov, both states will immediately commence diplomatic relations.

Article VI. Each State will be responsible for the enforcement of this agreement, which will be active for one year since the date of its ratification and which may be renewed on the following year indefinitely.