Zealandia will not seek to join GUM


Following news that the State of Sandus had been rejected from the Grand Unified Micronational, Charlotte Lindström, the Acting-Chairwoman of the State Council of the Commonwealth of Zealandia, has announced that Zealandia would not seek an application to the organisation.

In a sent a letter to the Sôgmô, Lindström stated that she had viewed the Sandum application as a litmus test before Zealandia would seek to apply for membership. “If this is how they treat a signatory of the Denton Protocol, then I’m deeply concerned about how they may react to a nation whose whole acting collective executive and majority of the population are transgender,” she said of the decision. 

Her message also extended an invitation to discuss LGBTQ+ matters with the Sandum government.

The Sôgmô expressed gratitude at Lindström’s letter and accepted her invitation to discuss LGBTQ+ matters in more detail.

Her letter can be viewed here.