Policy Projection: 9 – 16 June 2016

We have updated the PC-01E and SC-01E forms. (2/6)
We have addressed the citizenship request backlog. (2/6)
We have commemorated Axel Nielson’s birthday. (6/6)
We have celebrated the beginning of Ramadan. (6/6)
We have begun work on the Philia Plan for the Major Social Shift. (7/6)

In the upcoming week,
We shall schedule a meeting for the leaders of the socii states.
We shall seek to provide a system for publishing media about Sandum holidays for the next year.
We shall prepare the new plan on the Major Societal Shift.
We shall meet with Jonathan I of Austenasia and Adam I of Überstadt to discuss matters of great diplomatic importance.
We shall send the postcards to M. Perrotta.
We shall celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride at the Washington D.C. Capitol Pride Parade.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, 9 June 2016, to 16 June 2016 and draft another projection for the following administrative week of 8 days on 17 June 2016.