Revolutionaries’ Day celebrated Here

Revolutionaries' Day(alpha)

Revolutionaries’ Day has been celebrated here in Kremlum Sandus Province this past weekend, starting on 22 April to today 24 April. Revolutionaries’ Day is the Sandum ‘day of recognition’ held on 22 April to commemorate the birth of Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, whose pseudonym was Lenin. The holiday commemorates a variety of other revolutionaries, as well, and celebrates many social and political movements in both historical and contemporary periods.

The holiday was celebrated by both the Sôgmô and the Sanôba Consort in addition to Classics Day, a celebration of classical studies at the Sôgmô’s university. The Sôgmô held a symposium on the topic of cultural appropriation, its semantics, and the models of exploitation. Also discussed in conjunction with cultural appropriate were capitalism and socialism with reference to moral justice.

The Sôgmô will conclude this evening with a concert of revolutionary music in his apartment. Preparations, moreover, are already underway for Remembrance Day, held on 9 May.