Policy Projection: 17 – 31 March 2016

We have shared information about Old Bay and have announced a proposal to send it to the heads of state and of government for socii states. (12/3)
We have received omamori and omikuji from Hatsu Ryuho, the leader of the Kumano Jiritsu Nation. (12/3)
We have announced that Sandus will not take part in daylight savings. (13/3)
We have been studying and reading this past week; please wish the Sôgmô bonam fortunam on the Graduate Record Examinations! (12-17/3)

In the upcoming week,
We shall prepare the Equinox Report.
We shall return to work after the Sôgmô will have taken the Graduate Record Examinations.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, 17 March 2016, to 31 March 2016 and draft another projection for the following administrative week of 8 days on 1 April 2016.