Ludi Pacis Liberae: Tierney Victorious

Ludi Pacis Liberae

The Ludi Pacis Liberae, or the ‘Games of Libera Peace,’ took place today online with several Sandum allies and friends. The Ludi were the first organised ‘games’ to take place under the Party’s new plan to organise games, discussions, and other projects for activity in Sandum social and cultural affairs. The Ludi Pacis Liberae were held on the occasion of the Concordia, the Sancta cultural day to Concord who represents of peace, and the games took place on the game WarLight, an online game similar to the board game Risk.

The Sôgmô, citizen Adam von Friedeck, Jacob Tierney, and Luke Hackel took part in the games.

The first round was on a world map. Tierney came in first, Hackel second, the Sôgmô third, and von Friedeck fourth.
The second round was on a map of the Classical Mediterranean. The Sôgmô came in first, Tierney second, Hackel third, and von Friedeck fourth.
The third round was on a map of 1600s Europe. Tierney came in first, Hackel second, and the Sôgmô third; von Friedeck did not take part in this round.

Jacob Tierney won with 11 points. Both the Sôgmô and Hackel were tied at 8 points and von Friedeck, who forfeited the last round, received 2 points. The winner, Jacob Tierney, won a $15USD credit to and purchased a pendant with the prize money.

Work continues on this new program established by the Party. Thought is already being given to what the next ludi will be, though we do know that a discussion and possibly another project is likely to happen on or around 20 February when Sandus celebrates its fifth anniversary of independence from the St.Charlian Commonwealth. The next ludi may be for the Sancta New Year, International Women’s Day, the Equinox, or the Liberalia.