[SC] Introducing Sagamorial Considerations

The last time Veritum Sandus started a series of articles was in 2011, and the series did not get very far. Only three articles of the “RSAW” series were ever actually published — and one was a template. But, in the Sandum spirit of “try and try again … gradually,” Veritum Sandus actually has brought some semblance of series together since then. Problem is: they’re all administrative.

Veritum Sandus has had the S8gm8’s policy projections, administrative reports for the solstices and equinoctes, and now even reports on decisions made by the direct democratic Council. But, for whatever reason, popular writing on Veritum Sandus hasn’t seemed to caught on, in part because of our philosophical and ideological national mentalité.

But Sagamorial Considerations is a slight break from that spirit of professionalism — not a severance, but a periodic recess. We will write in common language — shown by the “get,” contracted words (“they’re”), and less-than-formal style — but the ideas within will not be simplistic. Sagamorial Considerations hopes to publish popular yet idealised views on various abstract things, often from individual citizens or a smorgasbord of citizen opinion. To keep to the spirit of Libera and Realism, we will publish thinking about Sandus primarily, micronationalism generally, and other micronations lastly, and we will often end our considerations with a more pragmatic look of how to get there. We enter this periodical discourse with an understanding of who we are, and who we want to be both now and in the future.

Others will misapprehend according to their individual views, hold on to them tenaciously and not easily discard them; we shall not misapprehend according to individual views nor hold on to them tenaciously, but shall discard them with ease.

— Sallekha Sutta 13:44

Periodically, we must make reference to some larger, greater thought — and we shall do so (hopefully) without becoming too serious so that we might lose you, the reader. In fact, our views will be rather rooted in some sort of thought or some idea which has struck us out of our studies (since many of us citizens are either students of a university or of a religious school), so some occasional liberty must be taken to explain in depth. But, all in all, this series hopes to provide an entertaining, ideally Sandum view — which reflects the individual writer’s views. We encourage all Sandum citizens (and possibly others) to write what their imagination brings them to.

The general layout of the Considerations will be a short introduction or preface, often some reason why it is important and/or why we’ve become interested in that topic; followed by a broad layout of the plan or idea we envision, with a scattering of specifics; an optional narrative, to try out our creative sides; and a conclusion rooted in Realism, which seeks to address the questions of “how can this be done? when? what do we do now?” That last question can address those specific questions specifically, or it can handle them through the use of elementary stages (“first this… then that… and finally this”).

Here are some of our first ideas:

  • Judicial System
  • Primary & Secondary Education
  • Ideal Sandum House
  • Sex Positivity
  • Urban Planning
  • Sancta Market Days

I’ve already fielded questions about “what does micronationalism have to do with sex positivity?” and “how realistic is urban planning?”, but the ideas are limitless. They don’t necessarily have to be policy ideas — they simply have to be about some abstract thing with relation to Sandus and how we do things here. Just write (and read) about what the spirit compels you to do… Now I’m starting to talk like an evangelist.

Sagamorial Considerations is a written series published online by Veritum Sandus, begun under the leadership of the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Soergel Publicola, and in completion of a decision by the 2015 Party Congress to encourage citizenship activity in Sandum culture and society. These Considerations reflect a primary level ideas for actions, policies, and traditions or mores to be established by the Sandum government, in keeping with the concept of the office of our Sôgmô as fons culturae or fount of culture. The name is from the English word, sagamore, derived from an Algonquian cognate with the Abenaki title sôgmô (pronounced sôgemô), Penobscot sagama, and Mi’kmaq sagamaw, and related to the Narragansett sachem and Unami sakima.