Solstice Report: Sôgmô Affirmed, Participation Down

Each Solstice, the State of Sandus heads to a national poll to determine if the Sôgmô has the adequate legitimacy from the Sandum People to reign for another year. This poll, though not about electing a new Sôgmô, provides a means to make sure that the State of Sandus follows both a popular mandate and a democratic fashion of monarchy: this is the origin of what has made Sandus a republic today. All Sandum citizens are acquainted with what is determined to happen if the Sôgmô is found illegitimate at one of these national polls: constitutional amendments to prevent the arbitrary exercise of power, the possible addition of new State organs, and even the possible abdication of the Sôgmô and the establishment of a presidential republic. This is the great importance of the Winter Solstice in the State of Sandus, to preserve the popular sovereignty of our Nation-State, and which day marks the final important administrative day until the New Gregorian or Sancta Years.

Best of Days
The poster of the 2015 Winter Solstice with the slogan, “Now is the best of days!” — a reference to Catullus 14. Original photo “White Dream” by jojoasakura on DeviantArt.

2015WinterElection Results

Election Results: Legitimacy – 100%, Participation – 42.85% of Eligible Voters
Three ballots were cast in the Sandum national election, all determining a unanimous decision of finding that the reign of the Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola is legitimate for the next administrative year 2016. Out of an eligible voting population of seven, 42.85% voted in the national election, which is down from 57.14% of the previous year. The total citizen population of Sandus is nine but two are from the socia civitas of Überstadt, which does not have the right of suffrage according to its socium foedus.

There were no petitions made to the Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola. The only comment made concerning voting explained that the voting process was “easy, as usual.” No other comments were made. All three cast voting ballots were in English.

One can view the ballots here.

Charity Taxes: the New Face of Sandum Philanthropy
In the past administrative year, the face of philanthropy has changed in the State of Sandus. Previously, small amounts of financial philanthropy were given to various foreign organisations and charities. In the past year, the face of Sandum philanthropy has changed with the changing demographics of the State of Sandus. Now, volunteering, tutoring, and other examples of gratuitous use of labour-time lead the new way in how philanthropy is done in Sandus — mixed and interspersed with small fiscal philanthropic acts.

This season, the amount of financial charity has skyrocketed. In the past season, at least $378.93 has been donated to charity, but an innumerable amount of time and work has been given to the help of others by Sandum citizens. From helping co-workers and fellow students to the free or discounted sharing of information and tutoring, Sandum citizens’ philanthropy is multifaceted and all-encompassing. Sandum citizens spend long hours helping others with little to no benefit, fulfilling the altruistic mission of the State of Sandus and our national philosophy.

From attending work off the clock in order to help fellow co-workers to tutoring and helping comrades in many areas, the Sandum people continuously advance the compassionate State Flag!

Suffrage possibly coming to Überstadt:
Right before the polls closed in Sandus last night, King Adam of Überstadt appeared to hint that his nation, a socia civitas – which meaning that Überstadti citizens have the right to apply for a partial Sandum citizenship, may begin proceedings to extend suffrage to Überstadt. In the negotiations leading up to Überstadt’s accession as a socilivanço, the term for sociae civitates used in July 2014 when King Adam visited Kremlum Sandus to sign the socius treaty, King Adam had specified that Überstadt was not seeking the right to vote. After a year and a half, however, there are minute messages that this may change. The only socia civitas to have the right to vote is Kumano and only one Kumanoese national is a Sandum socius citizen.

CPS Congress 2015
Poster for the 2015 CPS Party Congress held in November.

The Work of the Party Continues:
As a result of the 2015 CPS Party Congress, the Party is currently working on a variety of projects in the new administrative year. Before a scheduled meeting in April 2016, the Party hopes to complete both a Party Constitution and a Party Platform — work that has taken longer than expected due to a decision of the Party Congress to separate Party Members and Sandum citizens so that Party Members become a more organised collective of ideological citizens. More work is still to be done by the Party, as well, including a series of semi-monthly ludi (games), projects, and activities in the Party and State in general: a project which also has yet to begin.

The Sôgmô is hoping to organise ludi for the Collegium Sacerdotium’s holidays for Peace in January.

Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus: an Update
No one has been awarded the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus for several equinoctes and solstices now. However, in the new administrative year, the Sôgmô, who is sovereign of the Order, will work to fix the backlog of awards for the MHOTS and work to establish a new background system for the Order. This will put the Most Honourable Order back on track, and may lead to some future awards and ribbons to be awarded by the Sôgmô — a break from the tradition of the sole award of the MHOTS.