Decisions of the Tenth Session of the Council in 2015

The Tenth Session of the Council in the Administrative Year 2015 lasted from 27 September to 27 October 2015.

It was decided that a rule be established concerning the election of the facilitator:
– that the election of the facilitator shall remain from the period of the lunar month between the Full Moon (when the month/session begins) and the New Moon.
– that the facilitator is elected by a simple majority or a majority of assents.
– that, if no facilitator is elected for the session, the Sôgmô becomes the acting-facilitator.
– that the facilitator, if there are no other candidates or opposition during the time period specified above, shall continue to hold office in good faith.

The Secretary of the Citizens’ Party of Sandus invites all interested Sandum citizens to become candidates for the party secretaryship. Please inform him if you wish to stand so I can include you in the agenda for the upcoming Party Congress (7 November 2015).

Facilitator Adam von Friedeck