Sôgmô publishes Report on Diplomacy Poll

The Office of the Sôgmô has published the results of the 12 September opinion poll on Sandus as a force for peace and for its diplomatic doctrine. Several micronationalists have been called on by the Sôgmô in order to form counsel in interpreting the qualitative results and knowing what ought to be done following the interpretation of results. 20 people took part; only one was a citizen of the State of Sandus.

The first question had to do with Sandus as a force for peace. The average scaled opinion was 3.15, down from the previous opinion poll’s average of 3.59. The mode was the same for both the current and previous poll at 3. The second question had to do with the Sandum diplomatic doctrine. The average was 3.75, up from the previous poll’s result of 3.41 on average; the mode for this poll was 4, while the previous poll’s was 3.

A majority of people (55%) did not think that the Sandum diplomatic doctrine was flawed. A majority of people (55%) believe that Sandus’s increased diplomatic isolation has had a negative effect on the intermicronational community, while two-thirds (65%) believe that it has been positive for Sandus; a majority of people (55%) believed that Sandus should not take a more proactive role in the intermicronational community.

Read more in the Office of the Sôgmô’s official report here.