Sandus, Landashir to renew bilateral initiatives

The Office of the Sôgmô has received a letter dated 14 July from the Government Representative of the Community of Landashir, James von Puchow. In the letter, von Puchow has proposed a renewal of diplomatic relations between Sandus and Landashir, as well as three further proposals for the redevelopment of friendly relations. These are: relaxation of border controls for Sandum citizens and diplomatic assistance in times of need; cooperation on LGBTQ+ and minority rights and causes; and, the further development of Sandum Latin and Landashir’n Francillish.

The Sôgmô responded to the Landashir’n Government Representative that Sandus is interested in the development of relations along the lines proposed in the 14 July letter. In subsequent discussions, both statespeople acknowledged a shared desire to author a comprehensive treaty reflecting the beliefs and statements for LGBTQ+ rights, human dignity, and inclusion on the intermicronational level, as was as a desire to invite more micronations to take part in the authoring and preparation of such a treaty. The proposal comes nearly a year after the promulgation of the controversial yet successful Denton Protocol. Both statespeople also discussed the establishment of an intermicronational non-profit organisation or foundation for the development of micronational and minority languages and their utilisation on the micronational level.

The text of the 14 July letter is below.

On behalf of the Landashir’n Government and therefore the people of the Community of Landashir, warm greetings from the Scotland Office here in Edinburgh,

I am writing to you with the intention to renew the diplomatic relationship shared between our two nations, and it is my hope that you and your colleagues in government and that citizens of Sandus shall accept this renewal of friendship with open arms.

Despite the distance between Sandus and Landashir, geographically speaking, Sandus is a very close friend to our nation and we are grateful for the respect that is shown by Sandus to Landashir and the friendship that has been cultivated since 2008. We respect the socio-political initiatives implemented by government in Sandus to improve public awareness of the merits of free thought, consideration for the past and future in decision making as well as the Sandum desire to create a comprehensive and rich culture for the citizen body. Sandus is truly a state to celebrate in today’s modern age of newly founded states and polities and we are glad to have known Sandus up to this day. We can only hope that the feeling is mutual with the people of the State of Sandus.

With this letter, I would like to suggest the following as an initiative to strengthen the bonds between Sandus and Landashir:

– The Landashir’n Government will relax the conditions of border control, customs and excise for Sandum nationals – the Agency for Territories and Border Control will accept any form of proof of identity issued by a Sandum government body. In addition, the Landashir’n Government will afford Sandum nationals diplomatic assistance in Scotland, in as far as our resources can permit, through the Scotland Office, acting as a de facto joint consulate.
– The Landashir’n Government acknowledges that both governments of Landashir and Sandus share a common desire to improve social attitudes in as far as rights for LGBT+/queer individuals, as well as other minorities in society, are concerned. Landashir will work and co-operate with Sandus in initiatives which act as a front to make sure that governments and institutions of the land shall encourage personal liberty of expression and identity. It is our desire that all shall be able to express themselves without hindrance from external institutions which systematically oppress diversity within the citizen body and communication between those who strive for further rights and liberties currently not afforded to them.
– The Landashir’n Government will work with Sandum institutions to further the knowledge of the Sandum Latin language and the Francillish language amongst our citizen bodies. It is the desire of the Agency for Domestic Affairs to codify such a linguistic alliance, if this is also the desire of the Government and people of the State of Sandus.

I eagerly await your response to this letter . If you believe that the State of Sandus is willing to cooperate with these suggestions to strengthen our countries’ relationship, this will be fantastic news and I hope that we will be able to celebrate these commitments as soon as possible.

Best regards,

James von PUCHOW
Government Representative of the Community of Landashir