Policy Projection: 17 April — 16 June 2015

For the past several month, the Sôgmô has not published policy projections. Now, for the third and fourth administrative weeks of the month of June, the Sôgmô will publish one. Here is a report of actions taken since 17 April 2015.

9 — 16 April:

We have visited the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C.
We have wished our Orthodox Christians a happy Easter.
We have shown support for political movement for autonomy and independence in the Hawai’ian Islands.
We have received good wishes from the Kumano Jiritsu Nation.
We have celebrated the Sôgmô’s 20th birthday.

17 April — 30 April:

We have celebration Revolutionaries’ Day.
We have prepared for Remembrance Day.
We have published a new treatise on Veritum Sandus.
We have announced an effort to provide free sharing of the Royal Library’s collection.

1 May — 8 May:

We have celebrated Labour Day — 1 May.
We have celebrated Remembrance Day.
We have addressed the nation on the occasion of Remembrance Day.
We have observed the traditional Remembrance Day parades and ceremonies.

9 May — 16 May:

We have prepared for Sandum Independence Day.
We have commemorated the Lemuria.
We have announced the Sôgmô and the Sanôba Consort will visit Kumano for Independence Day.

17 — 31 May:

We have commemorated International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia.
We have commemorated the birthday of the Irish singer, Enya.
We have celebrated Sandum Independence Day.
We have visited the Kumano Jiritsu Nation, along with the Sanôba Consort.
We have celebrated the Ambarvalia.
We have replaced the LGBT and Bisexual pride flags on the Wall of Flags.
We have added more than a dozen books to the collection of the Royal Library.
We have updated the logo of the Royal Library.
We have published an article on Sacerdotium on how to decline the Latin noun and adjective, “Sandus.”

1 June — 8 June:

We have published the decisions of the fifth session of the Council in the administrative year 2015.
We have joined the French-speaking intermicronational organisation, la MicroFrancophonie.
We have commemorated the World Day of the Environment.
We have announced the National Buddhist Altar will be renovated.
We have published the new Sandum patriotic song, « Nous Monterons Anticosti !»

9 June — 16 June:

We have announced the dates for LGBTQ+ Pride Week.
We have published posters for LGBTQ+ Pride Week in English, French, and Latin.
We have attended Capital Pride Parade in Washington D.C.
We have announced a Joint Sandum-Landashir’n Dialogue on Nationalism and National Identity.