Royal Library to Digitalise its Collection

The Sôgmô has announced today that he will work to digitalise the collection of the Royal Library of Sandus, the collection of books that the Sôgmô has made available from his private collection for public use, and will review copyright laws concerning the digitalised collection. Future digital copies of the Library’s collection may be made available for Sandum citizens, and the hope is to have a general lending agreement where the Royal Library of Sandus will accept foreign micronationalists’ requests for digital copies of books and other items held in its collection. A digital copy of the first twenty chapters from Wheelock’s Latin (7th ed.) has already been made for Sandum citizens who wish to learn the State of Sandus’s new third official cultural language, Latin.

Work of this sort will take a long time to produce reliable digital copies and PDF files of each canned book and item will be made available to be sent out through the State of Sandus’s email address, The hope is to have the more requested books available first upon requests before the less used books will be copied; at any time, however, a citizen or another micronationalist may request a book to be scanned and sent via the official email account. The Sôgmô’s sister, a candidate for a Master’s degree in Library Science (MLS), will be consulted about the macronational legality of this new pan-micronational sharing system. This new project is an innovative micronational project and is the first of its kind in micronationalism, much like the innovation of the institution of the Royal Library of Sandus. This project is slated for completion by the end of the summer.

The collection of the Royal Library of Sandus can be viewed here.