Sôgmô submits 2015 Economic Development Plan to the Council

The Sôgmô has motioned in the Council that sections 1, 2b, and 2c of the proposed 2015 Plan for Economic Development are approved by this month’s legislative session, before the closing of the session on 4 April. The motion comes after weeks of working with Party Secretary Adam von Friedeck to secure a comprehensive plan for economic development before the active period of Spring-Summer 2015, when the borders of Sandus ‘open’ on the Festival of Fortuna on 5 April according to tradition. The proposal will lay much of the systematic foundation for a Sandum command economy, including: a Commission for the Command Economic headed by Sandum and Sociliva heads of state, will establish work-groups in Sandum economic cooperatives, and will establish employment and production lists.

Discussions concerning some points from section 2 — those not included in the motion — are still being negotiated by both the Sôgmô and the Party Secretary before being sent to the Council for approval. Those are proposals for some sort of Sandum-Sociliva solution to developing a command economy in Sandus and for developing an Intershop-like store for Sandum citizens for products produced in the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact. The work towards the plan goes together with a current effort by the Sôgmô to produce the product list specified in the plan, the manifest of products, for all Sandum economic cooperatives.

The entire 2015 Plan for Economic Development can be viewed here.