Sancta Cultural Week: Sandum Music

Today, VII Martio (7 March), is the day dedicated to Sandum music. Instead of discussing music, however, we will simply be sharing with you examples of Sandum music.
Note: bold links denote historically important music videos.

But, first, the National Anthem of the State of Sandus: the Song of Seikilos.

Revolutionaries’ Day 2011

Offline Video for Channum Unum

Revolutionaries’ Day 2012

Music for the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti 2012

Day of Secession Concert 2013

Sancta New Year Concert 2013

[Song] The Party is our Guide

[Song] The Flag Still Waves

[Song] Attain the Cutting Edge

[Song] We Sandum People (State Version)

[Song] When Life is so Good

Revolutionaries’ Day 2013

Marches for Remembrance Day 2013

Armilustrium Musical Concert 2013

Anthem of the Second Philia Advance

The Majesties’ Jubilee 2013

[Song] See, You See (Attaining the Cutting Edge)

[Song] Sandum Philosophy — Long, Long Live!

January 2014 — Celebrating the Month of Peace!

Day of Secession Concert 2014

[Song] Look at How I was Abused

Celebrating the Regimes (2009 – 2014)

Max Romeo — Socialism is Love

Celebrating the Autumn Equinox 2014
Music for the Armilustrium 2014
Music for the CCPS Party Congress 2014