Kremlum Sandus State Press to publish Breviarium

Kremlum Sandus State Press, an governmental institution linked with the State College, is to publish a Breviarium Rerum Sande — Latin for “the Breviary of the Matters of Sandus” — ahead of the State of Sandus’s fourth anniversary on the Day of Founding of 2015. The Breviarium will include topics from Sandum history to the Sandum constitution. The use of the Breviarium Rerum Sande will be for new Sandum citizens, and new information may be added on an annual basis, similar to the former Sancta Calendar Commission.

As a genre, Late Roman breviaria were short books telling Roman history from the time of the city’s foundation to contemporary events: a timespan lasting approximately a millennium. The best example of a breviarium is from the late 4th century CE historian Eutropius, whose Latin writing was brief (brevis, brief).

The Breviarium Rerum Sande is currently 13 pages long and approximately one-third completed. The outline for the Breviarium is below:

  1. Preface
  2. Sandum History
    1. Early Sandum History
      1. Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan
      2. People’s State of Sandus
      3. Barony of Sandus
      4. Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus
      5. Barony of Kremlum Sandus
      6. Territory of Sandus (St.Charlian Commonwealth)
    2. The State of Sandus in History
      1. 2011
      2. 2012
      3. 2013
      4. 2014
      5. 2015
  3. The State of Sandus and its Constitution
    1. The Founding Law
    2. The Sôgmô
    3. The Citizens’ Party
    4. The Council & People’s Power
  4. Sandum Philosophy
    1. Buddhism
    2. Socialism
    3. Sancta
  5. Sandum Political Theory
    1. Libera
    2. Realism
    3. Philia
  6. Sandum Culture
    1. On Art & Music
    2. On Norms & Mores
    3. On Symbols
    4. On Language
    5. On Values
    6. Holidays & Traditions
      1. State Holidays
      2. Sancta Holidays
      3. Days of Recognition
  7. Conclusion & Dedication