Sôgmô to create Email Lists

The Sôgmô will create two email lists for the State of Sandus and for the friends and allies of the State of Sandus, a group that will be open to the public. In an effort to reach citizens more directly and to encourage them to take a larger part in the formation of Sandum civil society, the citizens’ email list will include updates on work done in the State of Sandus, a periodical message from the Sôgmô, and other essential information — such as information for censuses and voting. The list for the friends and allies of the State of Sandus will be an open source of information on the State of Sandus; all of its messages will likewise also be shared with Veritum Sandus for a wider reach of information.

Ahead of this year’s holiday season in Sandus, the public email list will also replace the postcards formerly sent out by the Office of the Sôgmô. While some postcards may be sent out, those cards will be reserved for close allies and citizens of the State of Sandus, thereby replacing the open method of the past of sending holiday cards to a long list of recipients. The replacement of sending postcards with the email list comes after weeks of budgetary cuts in the State of Sandus where non-essential expenses have been cut by the Office of the Sôgmô and the Bureau of the Treasury. So far, $220USD has been cut from the Sandum budget of $708USD through the liquidation of ROMA Sande Amici, an ambassadorial and discussion group for Sandus in the virtual world of Second Life. The introduction of the email lists will allow the State of Sandus to save some $50USD in the area of holiday and cultural expenses by not ordering and sending out physical postcards on the occasions of the Day of Secession (20 February) and the Day of Creation (26 May).