Policy Projection: 9 – 16 January 2015

We have modified the administrative calendar.
We have held the first in camera meeting of the Council.
We have opened the first session of the Council.
We have celebrated the Festival of Pax.
We have prepared pages for the Council and the Tabularium Sande.
We have begun ex camera Council discussions for the current Council session.
We have entered a period of mourning for the occasion of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo.
We have celebrated the third anniversary of Sandum policy projections.

In the upcoming week,
We shall renovate information on Sandus.org and work on the new website for Kremlum Sandus State College.
We shall work on founding the Centre for Micropatriological Studies.
We shall continue work on the ‘Tabularium Sande’ which will house a roster of all Sandum citizens sorted by citizenship status, citizens with suffrage, and house the minutes of the Council.
We shall publish the powers, practices, and procedures of the Council.
We shall continue to work towards a mutual trilateral diplomatic agreement with Zealandia and Lostisland.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, 10 January 2015, to 16 January 2015 and draft another projection for the following administrative week of 8 days on 17 January 2015.