Council holds first in camera Meeting

The First Session of the Council of the State of Sandus, lasting from 4 January 2015 to 3 February 2015, has begun. The sessions of the Council will begin with an hour-long in camera meeting held on Skype to approve and lay down an agenda for the session, which will guide the discussions of the Council for that lunar month. Discussions will continue ex camera on forums dedicated to the Council.

The Council will be chaired by a facilitator, a position the Sôgmô has stood for, either for a month or a year: the length is to be decided in ex camera discussions. A facilitator can also be appointed for specific topics by the Council’s facilitator, reflecting a person’s expertise and dedication to a topic.

The Council will operate on a decision making process based on consensus, unless if a matter is so divisive that the facilitator decides a simple majority vote should take place.

In discussing with Party Secretary Adam von Friedeck, the Sôgmô proposed that a system of vetoing and overriding vetoes may be adopted into the Sandum constitution, whereby the Sôgmô may veto a Council decision and the Council and Party may decide to override that veto. The Council has asked Citizen von Friedeck to explain his proposal during this month’s Council session in ex camera discussions.

Citizen Akhil Indurti will begin work on two new projects following this in camera meeting. Indurti will work on establishing a Discourse forum that will be the basis for the Council’s decision making ex camera. He will also begin work on a media project involving monthly articles published by Sandum citizens, particularly articles about work they have done which reflect Sandum values. As a part of Indurti’s project, Gaius Sörgel Publicola will look into making the Collegio Sacerdae’s call for papers a more regular occurrence.

The topics discussed at the in camera meeting will now go to the Council’s ex camera discussion area, currently a Facebook group dedicated to the State of Sandus, to see if consensus is still maintained among the two socilivae citizens absent from the in camera meeting.

The transcript of the meeting can be found here.