2014 Party Congress concludes

The 2014 CCPS Party Congress has concluded with great fervour following the national holidays of the National Day of Socialism and the Day of the Ways & Means of Revolution. The Party Congress concluded on schedule, by 16:00 SLT on 8 November. The Acting Secretary C. Sörgel Publicola stepped down from power as Acting Secretary and transferred it to the newly elected Party Secretary Adam von Friedeck.

This Party Congress was one of the most productive Congresses in the State of Sandus’s history. Among the decisions were those focusing on the Council, the Direction of the Economy, the Building of Sandum Culture, Socialising of Sandum Values & Philosophy, and – finally – the Rebranding of the Party. These are described below.

To read the transcript of the Party Congress, see here.

  1. the Council: The Party has approved the «Building Democracy & the Council» Plan, which will work to meet and have its premier administrative days on the Full Moons. The Council’s deliberations will likely take on a forum, where one moderator will be elected and the Sôgmô serving as another moderator, and terms decided on at the first sitting. Before of the Winter Solstice elections in December 2014, the platform of the forum will be decided between Facebook or Discourse.
  2. the Direction of the Economy: The Party has directed the Central People’s Government and the Office of the Sôgmô to centralise Tellus Agrarian Cooperative and to decentralise Erganê Artisanal Cooperative to its component work-groups — which shall operate as economic ventures and projects. Furthermore, the Party has instructed the State to work more with the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact and has elected Adam von Friedeck to replace the Sôgmô as the delegate to the Pact’s Council.
  3. Building of Sandum Culture: The Party has voted and passed the «Building Democracy & the Council» plan to give the Council the power to discuss the leitourgía system — which will now fall under sociopolitical and economic leitourgíes. The Council will also have the power to discuss the raising of money for the State Treasury, in order to cover the cost of leitourgíes, and should do so at its first sitting.
  4. Socialising Sandum Values: The Party has instructed the Sacra Flameno of the Collegio Sacerdae to hold more frequent Collegio meetings and to reinstitute the Saturnalia academic papers and likewise for the Vestalia. The Council has also been instructed to discuss meritocratic and activity based rewards systems in Sandus, such as the meritocratic elements of Renasia.
  5. Rebranding the Party: The name of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus has been changed to Citizens’ Party of Sandus and all references to Communism have been removed.