Acting-Secretary opens the 2014 CCPS Party Congress Chamber

Preparing for the 2014 CCPS Party Congress

To reserve a space in the 2014 CCPS Party Congress and Conference deliberations, please RSVP here.

The Acting-Secretary of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus, Gaius Sörgel Publicola, has opened the chamber of the 2014 CCPS Party Congress on Skype, expecting more attendees to come into the room in the coming days. In the opening message, the Sôgmô in his capacity as Acting-Secretary welcomed comrade citizens and dear friends of the State of Sandus to the 2014 CCPS Party Congress. The Acting-Secretary also laid down the basic rules of the CCPS Party Congress. The message is below.

The 2014 CCPS Party Congress will begin at 12:00 Sandum Local Time (EST, GMT-5) on 8 November. A preliminary celebration for the National Day of Socialism will take place on the evening 7 November.

Good evening, comrade citizens and dear friends of the State of Sandus.

With five days until the CCPS Party Congress, this room is now open. On behalf of the State of Sandus and the Party, in both my capacities as Sôgmô and Acting-Secretary, I would like to welcome you to the 2014 CCPS Party Congress, the main administrative event of the national holidays of the National Day of Socialism and the Day of the Ways & Means of Revolution.

However, I wish to specify rules.

This room is not complete nor are all the attendees here. This room is also not for discussion until 7 November. On 7 November, I will prepare the room and the guests for the CCPS Party Congress and celebrate the National Day of Socialism. Please be mindful of appropriate behaviour as citizens, delegates, and observers; many of you come from states beyond Sandus and, as a result, you are representatives of your country. Offensive, obscene, or derogatory language and/or acting in an unprofessional manner will not be tolerated and I reserve the right, as Acting-Secretary, to remove those who violate these rules. Furthermore, discussion in the 2014 CCPS Party Congress is reserved only for Sandum citizens; delegates and observers may not talk or otherwise take part in the Congress deliberations. Those who do will be removed until the Party Congress is completed. During the CCPS Party Conference, however, all may speak and discuss. Please follow these main rules: (1) do not disparage others and keep positive (as opposed to negative/pejorative) communication, and (2) keep to the topic at hand. The former assures a space of comradery as micronationalists who face common struggles and the latter assures that communication can be both serious and pertinent to issues our states face.

That said, all communication in this room is open to the public. All transmitted communication can be transcribed, logged, and placed into journalism of our respective states, in defiance of common operating procedure in the intermicronational world. Please, however, be mindful of journalistic ethics, such as but not limited to not deceiving or misattributing.

This message will be shared privately with those who enter this chatroom after this message is sent.