Policy Projection: I – VIII Novembro MMXIV

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have published the agenda for the 2014 CCPS Party Congress.
We have released a commemorative poster for the 2014 CCPS Party Congress.
We have prepared for and celebrated the Armilustrium.
We have published the essay «Republic in Transition – the role of Micropatriological Realism’s ‘Activation Energy’».
We have published and shared music for the 2014 CCPS Party Congress.
We have celebrated Open Access Week in Sandus.
We have conducted the 2014 Armilustrium rite.
We have added further information to the «Building Democracy & the Council» plan.
We have added three new magazines to the Royal Library of Sandus.
We have worked on the report to the CCPS Party Congress.
We have celebrated the Isia.
We have shared information about Sande Amici, Sandus’s ambassadorial group in Second Life, at the 8th anniversary of Winterfell.
We have built a tower representing Sandum architecture via Sande Amici at a folly building competition for the 8th anniversary of Winterfell.
We have won first place in the building contest!
We have purchased a new space for Sande Amici in Second Life in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators and may soon purchase new space at the Artisans Park in Purple in Second Life.
We have published an editorial on Voice of Sandus entitled «the Party and the State — Working for Common Leadership at the Party Congress».
We are preparing for a joint diplomatic meeting between Sandus and Nova Roma.

In the upcoming week,
We shall work on Sandus.org.
We shall amend the Citizenship page on Sandus.org to make citizenship seem more appealing and enticing to non-citizens.
We shall prepare for the CCPS Party Congress in Novembro MMXIV (November 2014).
We shall hold the CCPS Party Congress.
We shall celebrate the National Day of Socialism and the Day of the Ways & Means of Revolution.
We shall prepare events for the first anniversary of Sande Amici and holidays that are coming up.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, l’Una Novembro MMXIV, to the 8th, l’Huita Novembro MMXIV, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 9th of October, le Nuova A Novembro MMXIV.

The Sôgmô’s Office Hours will return weekly until Decembro (December). The following schedule will be in place:
Mondays — 20:00 – 21:00 SLT
Wednesdays — 12:00 – 13:00 SLT
Thursdays — 16:00 – 17:00 SLT

Finally, Philia Fortnights will return to Veritum Sandus for the first time since early 2013 on XVI Novembro (16 November).