Sôgmô publishes «Building Democracy & the Council» Plan

The Sôgmô has published the «Building Democracy & the Council» Plan more than a month ahead the CCPS Party Congress in early Novembro (November). The plan is geared towards developing greater democracy in the State of Sandus and the general activity of citizens in the work of the State of Sandus. The plan provides comprehensive points with moderate explanation on the part of the Sôgmô to describe the formative changes in the constitution of the State of Sandus as a result of this plan. The plan will be presented at the 2014 CCPS Party Congress, where the Sôgmô will propose the plan and — with the Party’s approval — will add the initiative to the next major national referendum on the Winter Solstice in Decembro MMXIV (December 2014). The plan can be found here.

The plan includes the points below:

  1. Restore the Former Civila Requirements: return to the system where peregrae citizens only require to wait one month before becoming full citizens.
  2. Form Kremlum Sandus State College into an education institution for citizens who desire to have courses during the Winter and Summer seasons.
  3. Devolve the Party and Create a Democratic Council: form the Party into an official [bureaucratic] organization of the State, drawn from only active citizens dedicated to the Sandum Philosophy, and dedicated to the ideological and expertise of running Sandus.
  4. Renew and Rebrand the Party to make the Party and the entire State more attractive to all citizens and non-citizens within the territorial boundaries of the State of Sandus.
  5. Make requirements of Party Members and coopt new members.
  6. Establish monthly votes in the Council to be sent to all citizens where they can vote on a variety of topics brought forth by the Sôgmô and the people and ratify major policies and laws proposed in that month, held on the full moon.
  7. Hold seasonal meetings of the Council on the weekends that fall on weekends closest to the four crossquarter days or seasonal midpoints in the Wheel of the Year.