Preparations made for first Day against Terrorism & Imperialism

Day against Terrorism & Imperialism

The Office of the Sôgmô has unveiled the poster for the day of recognition «Day against Terrorism & Imperialism» MMXIV (2014). The poster recalls the events of 11 September 1973 and 11 September 2001, both formative reference dates for Sandus’s anti-imperialist and anti-terrorist policies. Videographic media will be shared via the State of Sandus Facebook page on the day of the event, including videos on the events of the two days of 1973 and 2001 (MCMLXXIII et MMI). 

On 11 September 1973, the Chilean army under General Augusto Pinochet conducted a coup d’état against the elected Communist government of Salvador Allende. 11 September 2001 was a formative day for the post-Cold War world, especially a formative day for the Sôgmô who would have been six years old and witnessed the events unfolding in real time on television. Both events are fundamental historical events that cement Sandus’s anti-imperialist and anti-terrorist policies. 

Sandus’s anti-imperialist and anti-terrorist policies are derived from Article 8 of the Founding Law of the State of Sandus:

The People of Sandus pursue policies of peace and cooperation with foreign states in accordance with socialism and the People’s society and shall promote and strengthen comradry amongst socialist states. The People pursue policy to strengthen the state abroad, strengthen the people and socialism abroad, support the struggles of peoples who pursue national liberation and social progress, and prevent instances of aggression and war. The People shall engage in relations with other states which are prepared to observe the sovereignty of other states and their peoples, promote peaceful and mutual discourse and cooperation between states, respect the inviolability of frontiers and the territorial integrity of state, demonstrate respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and agree to make the necessary provisions for the fulfillment of obligations arisen from principles and rules of international law.

This is the first time the holiday has been commemorated in Sandus. It was first added to Sandus’s calendar of holidays in Septembro MMXIII (September 2013), after the anniversary of the events.