Policy Projection: I – VIII Septembro MMXIV

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have celebrated the Vinalia Rustica.
We have finished the Sandus.org pages on the 2015 Economic Goal and the «All-Citizens United» Plan.
We have celebrated the Consualia, including a small altar on the Sande Amici land in Second Life.
We have commemorated the day of recognition of the Day of Mourning for Hawai’ian Annexation.
We have celebrated the Vulcanalia.
We have digitalised the IN01 form for registering cooperatives in Sandus.
We have established the Erganê Artisan Cooperative. 
We have celebrated the Opiconsivia.
We have done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
We have announced la Bibliothèque Royale‘s initiatives for Bi* and Indigenous nonfiction literature.
We have completed some CIV010 lectures.
We have left Kremlum Sandus and the Palace of State for a new residence close to the Sôgmô’s university.
We have announced a program to begin Sandus’s conversion to the metric system.

In the upcoming week,
We shall finish video lectures for CIV010.
We shall begin work on CIV020 and CIV030.
We shall complete subpages within the subsections of the “Central People’s Government” section on Sandus.org.
We shall amend the Citizenship page on Sandus.org to make citizenship seem more appealing and enticing to non-citizens.
We shall prepare an action plan for beginning work within Erganê.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, l’Una Septembro MMXIV, to the 8th, l’Huita H Septembro MMXIV, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 9th of September, le Nuova A Septembro MMXIV.