Sandus prepares Program for Metric Conversion

More than a year since Sandus adopted metric units and le système internationale d’unités as the official measurements of the State of Sandus on XI Sextilo MMXIII (11 August 2013), Sandus is finally preparing a program to introduce usage of the metric units into Sandus. With a referendum in Renasia expected to ratify “metrification” as the official measurement system in Renasia Proper and Renasian Special Autonomous Regions (SARs), Sandus is preparing a joint program to develop easy conversion tables and lessons for citizens of both states.

Micronationalists from the macronational United States are at odds with their micronational colleague beyond North America due to the differences in measurements. Micronationalists often convert lengths, volumes, masses and weights, and temperatures between the two systems of metric (SI) and imperial. Sandus’s economic integration into the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact has prompted the Central People’s Government to finally work towards a program to inform Sandum citizens on how to make the conversion from imperial to SI units and to educate Sandum Citizens on how to make approximations and estimates using the SI system. As Kremlum Sandus is surrounded by the United States, imperial units will still likely be used within Sandus but those units shall no longer be used officially. Furthermore, Sandus will become a bastion of SI units within its present territorial jurisdiction, lessening the ignorance of the SI system in the broader macronational United States.

The program will likely focus on a special and easy-to-use conversion chart and a few lessons on the metric system and how to convert between the two (including tricks and hints).

For example, everyone knows that 0­­­°C is equal to 32°F but, as the Sôgmô explains, “61°F is also 16°C, which is a more practical number to use when converting between temperatures for the weather and one doesn’t have a calculator.” When converting to Celsius, it’s also good to remember that 1°C is equal to 1.8°F — and one can round up if one is doing a quick conversion. On the other hand, if converting to Fahrenheit, it also means that approximately half of a degree in Celsius is equal to 1°F. Other tricks can be used and will be included in the future conversion program.