Bibliothèque Royale to develop Bi* and Indigenous Peoples Collections

The Royal Library of Sandus (French: la Bibliothèque royale de Sande or BrS) has created an initiative to develop collections on bisexual/pansexual and Indigenous Peoples related topics in nonfiction literature. The collections will make the Royal Library a unique library overall, meaning that it will be a treasure-trove of information related to Bi* and Native American related topics.

The Royal Library will focus its LGBTQ+ collection on bisexuality/pansexuality and “queer” nonfiction literature related to sexuality. A special committee has already been selected to help the Sôgmô develop a short-list of books to be purchased by the Royal Library; a special committee for Indigenous Peoples’ nonfiction literature has yet to be made, but the committee will likely focus its efforts on the Eastern Woodlands of North America and on the Algonquin peoples of North America.

The decision to form two specific collections for the Royal Library comes two months after the Sôgmô and the Überstadti King met at le Palaso d’Etato in Kremlum Sandus and discussed how the «BrS» had already become a unique library in North America for its possession of the first volume of an extensive Abenaki-English dictionary, printed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Québec, Canada — across the Ottawa River from the capital of Canada, Ottawa. The second volume of the dictionary is still be purchased and both volumes are out of print.

La Bibliothèque royale will likely fund its collection initiatives through crowdfunding, including looking for donations from the Sôgmô’s friends, family, and professors at his university. In the future, the Royal Library will accept requests from recognised micronationalists and other credible individuals who would like to check out books from the library. How the Royal Library will fund mailing costs is yet to be determined.