Work done for Closer Ties between Sandus & Socilivançae

One year after Sandus and Kumano began negotiations for the Kumanoese Sociliva Treaty, the Sôgmô and the Kumanoese Daijo Daijin Hatsu Ryuho have begun talks intended to strengthen the Sociliva Treaty and make relations between Kumano and Sandus closer. The talks will focus on Kumano aligning more closely with Sandus and exchanging cultural projects in order to make Sandum and Kumanoese closer and disperse throughout the two fraternal countries. Talks will also focus on integrating the Collegio Sacerdae into the Kumanoese state structure and expanding the Collegio into Kumano, in addition to what the Collegio Sacerdae must do in order to establish itself in Kumano while abiding by Kumanoese national law. Talks between Sandus and Kumano will take place over the next Sancta week.

Two Überstadti citizens, including King Adam, have applied for sociliva citizenship and have been added to the census, thus becoming citizens. With these applications, there has also been discussions between the Sôgmô and the King on developing the Collegio Sacerdae in Überstadt. Already, Sandus and Überstadt have announced plans to celebrate joint holidays together and King Adam has been added as a member of the Collegio Sacerdae. Two holidays — «Indigenous Peoples’ Day» and «Day of the Americas», two future days of recognition here in Sandus — have already been added to the Sandum calendar of holidays; King Adam has announced plans to officially propose the holidays, known collectively as «Anti-Columbus Day», though Sandus has already added them to the official State calendar of holidays in anticipation of their passing a bill in Überstadti Parliament. The King and Sôgmô have discussed working together to celebrate the holidays, including an Indigenous People’s Language Lesson – where names of objects will be placed on them in their local languages – and a sort of reading club during the months of Octobro et Novembro (October and November) focusing on Indigenous People’s literature.

Future work will be done to expand the Collegio Sacerdae, Sandus’s premier cultural cooperative, into the socilivançae and work should be done for a sort of cultural diplomacy between Sandus and our socilivançae and Sandum friends and allies.