Sorrenian Federation, Sandus sign treaty

The State of Sandus and the Sorrenian Federation have signed a mutual recognition treaty, making the document the fourth diplomatic agreement signed by Sandus this season. The treaty includes clauses beyond those for mutual recognition, thus meaning that the treaty was a more important document to sign on Sandus’s part — as Sandus’s recognition policy extends to all states which contact it through diplomatic means. The treaty includes clauses on mutual non-intervention in the affairs of the two states, on the request of support and aid in internal and external crises, on resolving hostility if those requests are denied, and on extending support for both states in the international arena.

The treaty is the fourth of such agreements to be signed in the past two months alone, since XXI Iunio (21 June) or the Summer Solstice. Summer is known as the months of international openness and diplomacy, often fraught with diplomatic scandals and hostilities. This Summer has been relatively peaceful for Sandus, with only one diplomatic scandal so far — involving Sandus’s recent drafting and ratification of the Denton Protocol on XXVIII Quintilo (28 July). The Summer season, as the season of international openness and diplomacy, is symbolically closed on XIX Octobro (19 October), when Sandus celebrates the Armilustrium and the Summer months turn into the Winter months.

The text of the treaty is below.

Treaty on the Mutual Recognition of the Sorrenian Federation and The State of Sandus

From hence forward, both the Sorrenian Federation and The State of Sandus will recognize oneanother’s legitimacy to autonomy and sovereignty from any Macronation and/or Micronation. Both shall attempt to further oneanother’s micronation, in the interest of micronational growth, and intermicronational stability. Both micronations agree to the following rules:

  • Neither micronation shall intefere in the other’s internal affairs. They may show interest, but should said micronation’s government ask the other to stop participation in their internal affairs, the other micronation shall agree
  • Both micronations may call for the help of the other during an internal or external crisis, however they are not required to support said micronation, and cannot be scrutinized if they choose not too
  • Both micronations will publicly promote one another, and show their support for one another when possible

If any of these rules are broken, the treaty shall be declared null and void.

This has hereby been agreed upon by the The Right Honorable, Miles Pressland, President of the Glorious Sorrenian Federation and her territories, Governor of the People’s Republic of Bowburn, Corporal of the Revolutionary Army of Sorrenia (PSF GPRB CRAS) and Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola of the State of Sandus.