Sandus and Ariana sign Treaty

The States of Sandus and Ariana have signed a treaty of recognition which includes clauses for respect of sovereignty and strict neutrality in diplomatic disputes. The treaty stands in contrast to the more comprehensive treaty signed between Sandus and Daikoku, the regional opponent to Ariana, on XXVI Quintilo MMXIV (26 July 2014). Both Sandum treaties, those signed with Ariana and Daikoku, include provisions for diplomatic neutrality, not using territory to compromise the sovereignty of another state (in reference to the dispute involving Bysalia), non-interventionism in the internal affairs of both states, and resolution of disputes through prompt bilateral communication.

Sandus has signed the treaties with Ariana and Daikoku to affirm its policy of non-interventionism yet friendly observation over the foreign affairs of the Filipino regional micronational community.

The text of the treaty is below.

Treaty of Recognition between the
State of Ariana and State of Sandus

We hereby declare that by signing this treaty, we have agreed to mutually establish diplomatic relations between our micronations. We also affirm that this will be the beginning of our cooperation with each other in which we will officially recognize each other as allies.

Addendum: The State of Ariana also pledges that it has fulfilled the requirements of the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States distinctions of states, which states that a state should have a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other states.

The following are the conditions of the treaty:

  1. Neither micronation will interfere in each other’s internal affairs. Acts of interference include (but not limited to) forceful coercion, and backdoor shenanigans.
  1. Both micronations will respect human rights as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.
  1. The State of Ariana shall remain neutral in the event that the State of Sandus has a dispute with another micronation. Unless a call for support has been initiated by the State of Sandus, the State shall not interfere with any dispute involving the State of Sandus. This clause will also be applied vice versa.
  1. The State of Ariana will maintain friendly and professional relations with the State of Sandus. In the event that a dispute occurs between the State of Ariana and the State of Sandus and/or its allies, negotiations must be done promptly, bilaterally, and between representatives of respective governments. No hostile acts should be executed. Acts considered hostile include (but not limited to) declaration of war, military offensives, and claiming territories claimed by another Sandus ally. Acts not considered hostile are the following: peaceful protests, internet petitions, peaceful standoffs.

Should the above conditions be broken deliberately, this treaty shall be considered null and void.