King of Überstadt visits Sandus, Überstadt becomes Socilivanço

HM King Adam I of the Kingdom of Überstadt visited Kremlum Sandus Province today, meeting with the Honourable Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola at the Palace of State. Both heads of state toured the Office of the Sôgmô, the Palace of State, the Sandum Royal Library, and the Ellicott City Historical District of Kremlum Sandus Province. The two leaders discussed the feats of statecraft and micronationalism both their states have accomplished and the positive interactions between both friendly and allied states. At Noon, the King and the Sôgmô acting in his capacity as Sacra Flameno presided over a joint rite representing the cultural and spiritual backgrounds of both Überstadt and Sandus. In the early afternoon, both the King and the Sôgmô signed the Treaty of Socilivo Statehood with the Kingdom of Überstadt, which grants Überstadti citizens the right to apply for Sandum Sociliva citizenship. In private discussion, both leaders discussed both countries’ cultures — particularly the role of Indigenous Peoples’ culture on the cultural development of both countries. During the tour of Ellicott City, the heartland of Sandus’s cultural patrimony, both leaders discussed important and pressing intermicronational topics from intermicronational diplomacy to matters concerning the academic development of micropatriology.

The bulk of the meeting, however, focused on the advance of Sandum and Überstadti economies, a major policy focus for both states and an important factor in Überstadt’s signing of the Sociliva treaty. With Sandus’s 2015 Economic Goal and Überstadt’s broader goal of economic development, both heads of government discussed how their governments can tackle topics relating to the success and safety of both states’ economies. A discussion was held on Überstadti and Sandum economic products and services and what products and services can be offered in the future with the recent founding of the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact and Überstadti efforts to increase trade opportunities. The King spoke highly of the Pact, but stated that the Überstadti parliament had returned a negative decision on Überstadt’s full membership in it; nonetheless, the King stated that some provisions of the Pact were preferential to Überstadt, such as universal labels and a common marketplace. The Sôgmô and the King also spoke of the future of Überstadti Socilivae in Sandus and their representation per the Party’s annual congresses.

At the end of the visit, both leaders discussed the future International Centre for Micropatriological Studies — which both statesmen, who are also both university students, wish to establish for the development of micropatriology. In the coming days, both Adam and Sörgel will work to develop a working founding charter for the Centre and work to established a first journal for the Centre on topics relating to micropatriology.

Read the Treaty of Socilivo Statehood with the Kingdom of Überstadt here.

Watch the Joint Ritual with the King and the Sôgmô here.