Tellus harvests First Crop

The logo of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative

The logo of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative.

The second season of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative began in early Iunio (June) after the Sôgmô’s return home from university and after the failure of its first season in MMXIII (2013). The second crop of radishes to have been planted and cared for, it has now been harvested. Though the crop did not fail like the earlier crop from MMXIII (2013), all plants of the crop failed to produce its large root characteristic of most radishes. Instead, radish sprouts have been harvested and will be used in the future to flavour broths and salads for the next week.

Why the radishes failed to make their large characteristic root after one month in the ground is a matter of state importance in Sandus, and Tellus Agrarian Cooperative is investigating why this relative failure happened.

It should be stressed, however, that the crop has still relatively succeeded in providing sprouts for the first work group of Tellus Agrarian Cooperative to enjoy, though food of more substance has not been made.

Tellus Agrarian Cooperative has broadened its crop selection in the past few months, adding a mint plant that is currently awaiting transplant into a larger pot. Tellus Agrarian Cooperative is also awaiting work to be done on regrowing romaine lettuce and celery from the hearts of both plants.

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One thought on “Tellus harvests First Crop

  1. With some radish varieties it may be necessary to allow 10 weeks for the taproot to swell, forming the radish bulb we are familiar with. However, congrats on your agricultural exploits!

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